Jul 5, 2007

Hellow :-)

First there was a thought, and then suddenly, the whole universe came into being.

First there was a thought (if we must do it shayari style), and then suddenly, the whole universe came into being.

If that isn't magic, what is?

Let's celebrate the magic called life together. Talk to me.

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Sudarshan Iyer said...


I am Sudarshan, 28 years old. I am in love with a girl and I recently proposed to her. She has accepted my proposal. I took it to the next level and spoke to my parents about Divya. My parents in turn contacted Divya's parents.

A huge misunderstanding / mis-communication seems to have come up between them. They are different from us. They are crude, loud and big show offs.My parents have strictly asked me to cut off all communication with Divya. On one hand, I cannot disobey my parents and on the other hand, I am not able to forget Divya.

I have tried my best to make them see reason, but they are unrelenting... They have even threatened to cut off all ties with me if I go ahead without their consent.

1. My father suffers from hypertention. Any kind of stress is bad for him.

2. My parents have gone thru a lot of financial hardships to bring me up, fund my expensive education.

3. I am the only son.

4. I understand my parents concern. They are not completly wrong about D's folks. But she is not like them.

I am torn between my love for my parents and the love of my life.

What do I do now ?