Sep 9, 2008

Sharing the guidance

I recently met a man who is a senior leader in my practice; I'd never met him before and he doesn't know who I am except for what I have told him. But he shared some universal wisdom with me which I shall note down here for future reference.

At first I listed all the sundry challenges I face in my day-to-day life, my history, my dreams for my future. Then I asked him some questions, and here are his responses:

Q. How do I climb over all these practical issues that confront me on a daily basis, and rise higher to fulfil my greater destiny?
A. Where does the lotus bloom? In the mud. So your daily battles are actually fodder for your growth. They are opportunities for you to pray and empower yourself. They will strengthen you. In the process of overcoming them, you will automatically rise in spiritual growth.

Q. I am confused about some decisions in my life. What path should I take, should I listen to my parents, or my friends, or my senior leaders?
A. Listen to your own heart. What gives you inner joy? Don't remain in any situation out of compromise. Do what makes you happy. But before that, empower yourself to such an extent that either way, you will be able to manage your life gracefully and with courage. And your children, friends and parents should be inspired by you. If you are strong and focused, they will also support you.

Q. How do I manage adolescent angst and maintain harmony at home?
A. With love, support, and more love. Keep this desire in your prayers every day, and fill yourself up with joy so that you only project that and nothing else.

Q. How do I reach out and help others if I have not yet managed to overcome my own problems?
A. On the contrary, help others and you'll end up helping yourself. While reaching out, we increase our boundaries and challenge our perspectives. We grow as human beings and find solutions to our own problems. Don't wait to be an enlightened person before you reach out to help others; it works the other way around.

Q. Tell me one way to start on my spiritual growth.
A. Fix a target, both in prayer and in action, and work towards it with complete dedication and perseverance.

Well, I was so motivated by him that I've fixed a some targets for the next six months. Need to get cracking.

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Ritu said...

wow... No wonder he is the "senior leader"... I wish and hope and pray that u make YOUR dreams come true..