Nov 24, 2009

Daily dose of courage syrup

There's a certain magnetic pull that begins from your heart and goes all the way to your destiny and beyond, to every corner of the universe, space and time.

It is important to obey this pull. This is your calling, the reason you were born. When I do not obey it, I fall sick, am unable to breathe, feel like an 'extra' on this planet, and generally feel low on energy and will to live. When I do obey it, I am the opposite: Vibrant, full of energy and ideas, and happy.

So how do I know the difference? How do I know whether I am obeying my heart, my calling? Simple - I ask myself, "How do I feel right now?" If I feel rotten, I'm deviating from my Path. If I feel good, I must be on it.

But it takes some practice to know what's the Absolute 'Feeling Good', and the Relative version of it. Having a hot chocolate fudge is a relative 'feeling good'. It will dissipate in a few minutes, leaving me grumpy and guilty later. Waking up every morning with a smile on my face, thanking God for all my blessings, will give me an absolute 'feeling good', that will last me days if not all my life.

Similarly, obeying the dictates of others is a short-term, moralistic high. Obeying your own heart is a lifetime's pure high. Indulging your senses is a temporary happiness. Indulging all that love in your heart – and acting upon it – is an absolute happiness. It takes some practice to get it right, but once you do, it's smooth sailing.

These days, I'm feeling terribly sick. My thoughts, words and actions are completely out of alignment. I'm thinking something, saying something else, and doing things that are at complete tangents. It's because of lack of courage: To say what I mean, and to do what I believe in.

Wish there was something like 'courage syrups', like the ones you take for a cough. Actually there are. I get them in my inbox every day. Alright, so here's my dose of courage syrup for the day to myself, courtesy the Universe at "Aekta, you are the most important being in your world right now. One day, you'll look back on this life and be so flush with love and admiration for yourself, your journey, and who it made you, that you'll wonder, as I do now, how it could possibly have escaped you then."

Thank you, universe. I needed that.

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Ajay said...

You are beautiful. Every inch of you. Donno why I feel so much for you. Just do.

One when all of this living is done we will look back at what happened and what could have happened. Like a game we came down to play. Seemingly real. Yet not. Never touching the depths of who we really are.

Unconditional love and joy...forever and ever!

Much love