Mar 30, 2010

Alternative alternatives

The room is dark and the girls are tucked into bed, discussing Hum Tum aur Ghost that we just saw. The topic veers to the female character who ‘comes out’ in the film.

“How can a girl be gay?” asks Isha, my 11-year-old.

“Both girls and boys can be gay. Gay girls are called lesbian,” informs Manasvi, my teen.

“Lesbian sounds like lasagna,” decides Isha.

“Dude, now don’t go to a restaurant and say, ‘I’ll have a lesbian please’,” warns Manasvi.

“What does gay sound like?” ponders the younger one.


“Like egg,” comes the sober reply.

Yup. My kids are going to be homofoodic.


sneha said...

cute :)

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Aekta,
This was really hilarious! I like the new word you created - homofoodolic! Ha! Ha!Have sent it to my partner as well:))

Aekta said...

Thanks guys :)