Mar 10, 2010

Conversation with Life

(Dedicated to Aishwarya, who inspired me to write poetry again!)

Life rolled on the grass
and asked,
“How about it then, one last time?”

I shook my head, and turned
towards the sky,
“Not I. I’m done with pain.”

Life tugged at my shirt
and insisted,
“Just a little. For old times’ sake?”

I laughed at the ploy
and pulled Its cheeks,
“I’m too old now for your games.”

Life rushed about me, in a frenzy
with a cheeky grin,
“I have a gift for you if you do!”

I held Its dear hands in mine
and breathed love,
“I have a gift for you if I don’t!”

Life lay back on the grass
and blew bubbles,
“What can you give me that I don’t have already?”

I lay down with Life, painting castles
in the infinite sky,
“I'll give you Tomorrow. With a cherry on top.”

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