Apr 24, 2010

What a beautiful poem


We are Lightbabies. Golden Grace.
Wings, meant to fly.
We are delicate and pregnant
with goodness.
We are each made of such a quiet
that the entire Universe
can hear us.

There is only the Unfolding; the Opening
ever happening.
All else are thoughts—
lollipops for the mind.
We . . . are Lightbabies
as Humankind.

‘Lightbabies’ – Em Claire
©2006 – All Rights Reserved


Julia Dutta said...

Beautiful poem....reality can be stark or beautifully woven in words, Em Claire :)))

Aekta said...

Yes she writes lovely poetry! She is Neale Donald Walsh's current wife and has her website at www.emclairepoet.com .. very beautiful stuff.