Jul 25, 2007

The quote continued

Following my previous post, the quote I loved by Sadhu Vaswani was: "To be enlightened, you must be nothing, nobody. And if you become nothing, who is there to be enlightened? This is true enlightenment. The wave merges with the sea: the wave becomes the sea!"

Doesn't it fill you with immense, beautiful, serene joy?

At another point in the magazine (Life Positive), the editor says, "The task of transformation requires us to give up what we are in order to be what we can be."

Both essentially say the same thing. We have to give up this huge sense of "I" – "I am a teacher, a lawyer, a woman, a man" – in order to become you, we, all, everything. That is enlightenment, Buddhahood. It's in giving up of the self that we BECOME the self.

It is fascinating. We are living Brahma's dream. We are a figment of a divine imagination. And – if we accept that we are individual cells of a universal divinity – then it is our own imagination as well. Thus we have dreamed ourselves up.

Haha. Isn't life suddenly looking different?

Isn't it suddenly so full of possibilities?

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