Sep 23, 2007

Duality dilemma

Anon wrote: "im in love with a married man. you may think that i am one stupid woman. but i am seriously in love, except that im also married. i have kids and he also. this is not a fling. it has lasted 7 years and we are getting to a point where it is getting difficult to live without eachother. my marriage is okay. i have been on the receiving end of my husbands perversion relating to sex, but that's not the reason why i am in the other relationship.
im in the other relationship because he makes me love living life. even when i cannot wake up in the morning after an awful night with the husband.
i want to scream to the world about him. i want us to be legit. i want us to have a life. his wife and kids my kids, its too complicated but i look for a future with him. what should i do?"

Hi friend.
I've come across a spiritual theory recently and it appealed to me.

All living beings are governed by individual, eternal souls, in varied stages of evolution. The origin is the Universal Divine, and the destination is the Universal Divine as well. But to go through the entire process, to know how divine it really is, the soul needs to know what being 'undivine' is. You can't know light until you've experienced the darkness. Hence, each soul chooses the time, moment, and circumstances of its birth in physical form, based on how far evolved it had gone in the last lifetime. It chooses how much undivinity it can handle, and then overcomes it to move a step further, and so on.

I repeat: the soul chooses its dilemma/challenge/obstacle for a particular lifetime, in order to overcome it and move on.

Of course, you do not have to subscribe to this philosophy at all. It's merely something I read. But somehow, it empowered me and that's why I'm sharing it here. It makes you feel confident of being able to handle any obstacles in your life, because unknown to your conscious mind, your eternal soul has actually chosen it. And why would it choose something it couldn't handle?

So some souls would choose poverty, some ill-health, some relationship issues, some abuse, some fears and paranoia. And so on. Each of these can be overcome, and that is, in fact, the reason these souls have chosen them. And ultimately, in the long run, it all evens out. What seems so huge and unsurmountable to us in our lifetimes actually doesn't matter at the end. What matters is how far in the cycle of evolution we have gone.

Theories aside, I know you are waiting for me to get to the point! I will address your situation on Thursday. I am very busy these days at work and am hardly getting a few moments in between to write this. God bless, hang in there.


Anonymous said...

its friday. im waiting.

Aekta said...

Ayeeee, sorry! Still in drafts stage. Will post this evening for sure.

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