Jul 18, 2009

Blessings to all

Today I prayed for my heartfriend, my twin, my soulmate, my true love. For her to have a fulfilling life, to have a good day, to get whatever she wishes for.

She's obviously not having a good day. She's at the divorce court and is emotionally wrecked. A break-up was not part of her plan for a happily ever after. She's an unwilling partner in the process.

My heart bleeds for her. I prayed for her this morning... and I still am. And while I do it, I realise one essential truth.

That when you really love someone, you don't wish for them to NEVER have any pain or trouble or even heartbreak. You don't wish for them to have an eventless life, a static existence. You do wish them growth, spiritually, materially, emotionally. And sadness, grief and loss are in fact part of that process. Growth is impossible without struggle.

So, my dear love, and indeed all the people I love dearly,

I wish you loss that you make great profits from.

I wish you grief that takes you to the depths of your being and touch eternity.

I wish you pain that is one with the highest pleasure.

I wish you heartbreak that creates a monster of compassion and infinite love out of you.

I wish you shunyata, nothingness, and I wish you the universe.

I wish you hell and its twin, heaven.

May you discover the diverse, multi-hued, multi-faceted forms of humanity within you. And may you realise the oneness that is God.

I love you and I will always be yours, in every lifetime.

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