Jul 11, 2009

Learning unlearning

These days, I find myself holding back, hesitant to voice an opinion or make quick judgements. Hesitant even to open up and share my thoughts.

I can distinctly sense that I am growing, but with every step I take, the greater the realisation of how far I have yet to go. So I'd rather not say much until I am sure it is the right thing to say. And who is to say it is the right thing at all?

I truly believe -- and have experienced -- that we are but instruments for a higher power. So speaking out my thoughts, experiences and lessons is alright. I am meant to share, or else there's no point going through it. But, forgive me, Life. You have only made me more careful. The passionate, fiery, emotional being I used to be has been replaced by something thoughtful, quieter. Sthirta. It's a good place to be. But now what?

You put me here, you show me the way. Life, thy will be done.

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